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Colonel Cassad (in English)

Bullhorn of Totalitarian Propaganda
Blog Information
June 21st, 2014
If you want to help Novorossia, then please refer to the English version of the "Voice of Sevastopol" website, which can be visited using the clickable image to the right below the tag bar. Then, go to the "Humanitarian Section" in the menu.

This blog is a faithful English translation of colonelcassad – the awesome Russian blog about the war in Ukraine. This translation is an independent effort and is not affiliated with any of the resources of colonelcassad.

The war in Ukraine is the result of an armed insurgency against the fascist regime in Kiev and the regime's subsequent attempts to suppress it.
If you don't understand why the current regime in Ukraine is fascist, then please read this article first: http://cassad-eng.livejournal.com/2908.html.
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Disgraceful decisions
March 18th, 3:10

As the leaders of the proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky announced, no compromise with Kiev is possible until the "disgraceful decisions" made by the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and its Verkhovnaya Rada regarding the special status of Donbass are cancelled.
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Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, junta, lpr, lugansk people's republic, novorossia, poroshenko, ukraine, war in ukraine
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The "wanky" bill
March 17th, 18:21

A brief comment for the new statements by Zakharchenko on the topic of the junta manipulations with the Minsk agreements.

There is zero meaning in the bill of Donbass special status that was introduced in the Ukrainian Rada. Nothing that was discussed in Minsk is done, said the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko on March 17 during his working visit to Debalcevo. According to him, the republic doesn't recognize "any amendments that were not "negotiated" with us", because from the point of view of the DPR leadership they are legally meaningless and politically void. "We must take all of our cities where the referendum was held. Later we can politically cooperate with Ukraine as equal partners," - said Zakharchenko.

http://www.1sn.ru/133219.html (in Russian) - link

PS. Here Zakharchenko has to play the role of Captain Obvious, because it is absolutely clear that the junta is consciously and purposefully undermining each and every point of the Minsk agreements by proposing conditions that are unacceptable in advance, which will clearly not satisfy the RF and the people's republics. This is done with a clear goal of disrupting the "truce" and proceeding to the military action. Because the probability of this scenario is increasing, Zakharchenko switches to the topic of retaliatory threats. Here we may remind the reader that the shelling of Donetsk in early January of 2015 led to Zakharchenko's announcement that the junta had bored him with its shelling and that now a different type of language will be used to speak to it. All of this led to the capture of the airport and to the Debalcevo cauldron. The junta now clearly asks for a repeat of the January scenario.

Considering the fact that a bill with Poroshenko's amendments was pulled through the Rada, which was unacceptable in advance, Kiev continues to play the game of sorts directed at passing the buck for fraying yet another "truce" to the DPR in order to avoid being first in this not-so-honorable business. The declaration of Donbass being "temporarily occupied" http://society.lb.ua/war/2015/03/17/298880_rada_priznala_donbass.html (in Russian) and the list of cities that was provided http://lb.ua/news/2015/03/17/298871_rada_utverdila_granitsu_donbassa.html (in Russian), where the "special status" is introduced (the junta still views Uglegorsk, Nikishino, and other settlements of the Debalcevo bridgehead as its territory) transparently hint that none of this stuff is going to be implemented.

"The fact that the Ukrainian servicemembers rape our women is true, everyone knows this. That they shoot at civilians while being drunk, even while being located on the territories controlled by them is also true. A drunk soldier hit a family, killed a girl. Believe me that, as a any man, in each moment you understand this, there is no more strength to tolerate this. The Ukrainian authorities do everything to continue the war. In Kiev they just can't understand that we don't recognize the Ukrainian regime as something that has to do with us. No matter what happens in Kiev, no matter which laws they pass, it is still a fact that they simply cannot live peacefully and that they want to continue the war. Poroshenko cannot understand one thing: that we are the Donetsk People's Republic, that we are no longer the Ukraine, and that we will never or in any way return into the Ukraine." (c) Zakharchenko

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2095238.html (in Russian)
Yandex translation of the comments posted to the original Russian blog entry:

Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, junta, novorossia, war in ukraine, zakharchenko
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The situation in Makeyevka
March 17th, 17:58

Regarding the situation in Makeyevka, indeed there was a special operation there and as they say the commandant of Makeyevka with the callsign of "Murky" was removed from power.
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Tags: donetsk, donetsk people's republic, dpr, makeyevka, novorossia
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A brief but important update
March 17th, 17:25

A brief but important update.
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Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, fascism, junta, lpr, lugansk people's republic, novorossia, war in ukraine
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Before the July offensive (machine translation of a trophy document into English)
March 17th, 4:10

Another trophy document from the Debalcevo cauldron. A reference from June 28, 2014 composed by colonel Pokatilo in the ATO HQs about the composition of our forces and the morale and psychological state of the junta military before the July offensive of 2014. An analogous document composed before the retreat from Slavyansk was already uploaded here: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2085308.html (in Russian)
The document was already translated into Russian, because not everybody understands Ukrainian.

[note from the translator: I don't have the resources to translate this monstrosity, but the stuff is actually interesting, so here's a link to Yandex machine translation into English:

In particular, there is such a gem like "There was an urgent need for travel to ATO staff psychiatrist for primary rehabilitation of personnel. "]

There is also an analogous reference from June 27, 2014. I'll upload it during the coming days.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2094245.html (in Russian)
Yandex translation of the comments posted to the original Russian blog entry:

Tags: documents, donetsk, donetsk people's republic, dpr, intelligence, junta, sbu, ukraine, war in ukraine
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It is easier to liquidate the Ukraine than it is to return Crimea
March 17th, 2:00

Regarding the fresh western threats towards Russia.

Germany won't recognize the annexation of Crimea by the Russian side. ( Read more... )
Tags: crimea, economy, eu, russia, sanctions, usa
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The situation at Shirokino
March 16th, 18:11

Today I talked to a battalion commander of the DPR army, which has been engaged in fighting for Shirokino over the last month.( Read more... )
Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, junta, mariupol, novorossia, war in ukraine
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When hatred finds an outlet
March 16th, 16:49

The events in Konstantinovka are the best illustration for a thesis that silent hatred of the "liberated" towards their "liberators" is slowly growing under the foot of the fascist occupation. Today this hatred broke out. The death of a woman and her child is not the reason but rather a trigger for the accumulated hatred to break through to the foreground. The emergent spontaneous riot, for which the junta itself gave the pretext, has every feature of a spontaneous outburst of mass hatred towards those who were still tolerated earlier. Whether this spontaneous riot will have continuation or if it will be suppressed over the next day -- we'll see. Konstantinovka is located rather deeply in the rear of the junta military group in Donbass. The reserves that cover the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration and also the Artyomovsk group of the enemy are located next to it. I would like to wish luck and courage to those who are currently fighting in Konstantinovka, things will be very hard for them.
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Tags: army of ukraine, crime, junta, occupation, war in ukraine
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Crimea. The Path to the Motherland. Afterword
March 16th, 3:33

A more detailed review of the documentary "Crimea. The Path to the Motherland".
Yesterday I watched it together with friends and acquaintances who took part in this process. Overall, people had positive impressions about the film, although certain moments were sacrificed for the benefit of tolerance, which was a pain to see.
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Tags: aksenov, chalyi, crimea, crimean spring, documentaries, russia, sevastopol
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Technical information
March 15th, 6:17

Translation of the text in the picture: Candy doesn't sell here and here...

Briefly about some technical moments.

1. Because I catastrophically lack time for the blog, in order to maintain order and cleanliness there will be a moderator in the blog. So to say, the second attempt. One my good friend already received access to the account and the appropriate credentials for sweeping the spammers, people who curse too much, "officer's daughters", nazis, and other antisocial elements during free time. We'll see how it works for the second time, the first moderator held on for about one-and-a-half months and left because he couldn't handle the intensity of the comments.
The moderator will start working already this weekend. Additional account was created for the moderator: http://cassad-mod.livejournal.com/ where one may write about the technical questions and the questions of moderation. Naturally, I will also catch those who I will notice, but without fanaticism. Overall, don't go nuts, for otherwise the execution basements are already full of victims of the bloody regime.

2. Currently we are opening another rehabilitation center for helping heavily wounded militia fighters, which includes those who need prosthetics. At this time 10 operations to install prosthetics for the wounded NAF soldiers are made per months, apart from other measures for transferring, healing, and rehabilitation. Within the boundaries of the plans of extending such aid the corresponding infrastructure is being created right now. If somebody can help with furniture, beds, and other things necessary to support daily life of the wounded fighters, please call the phones shown here: http://voicesevas.ru/social_sector/sbor_and_reports/10947-prosba-o-pomoschi-pomogite-novomu-reabilitacionnomu-centru.html (in Russian).

3. The modernization of the "Cassad-TV" video hosting and the main site of our system is scheduled for the nearest future. Due to the lack of means and man-hours, the "war marker" is currently frozen. There are plans on its redesign, but we need resources, which we currently lack. We plan to return to this question in April.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2090781.html (in Russian)
Yandex translation of the comments posted to the original Russian blog entry:

Tags: blogosphere, bullhorn of totalitarian propaganda, personal of colonelcassad, voice of sevastopol
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